About Artemex

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Our Story

We are a small family based business offering authentic Mexican handcrafts.

Shortly after the birth of our beautiful daughter Autumn in 2017, we realized that we needed a lifestyle change. It was no longer just the two of us, our family had expanded and our priorities needed a reshuffle. We wanted to create an environment where she could grow up surrounded by unconditional and constant love from both of us. We weren’t sure exactly how to achieve that, so we decided to take a hiatus and spend the winter in Mexico (rough, we know).

We spent our days on the beach listening to waves and chasing sunsets. We soaked up the tropical weather and indulged in the rich cuisine that Mexico has to offer. As time went by we found ourselves constantly admiring the handcrafts we encountered. When browsing the markets and local streets we were drawn to their colors and the happiness these pieces exuded.

Finally, something clicked, and we had our ‘aha’ moment. If we liked these products this much, then wouldn’t other people back in Canada feel the same way? It was during this realization that Artemex was born.

Within a couple of months, we sourced our first batch of inventory and were headed back north to Canada. We were excited to begin this new chapter of our life but scared at the same time. We didn’t even know where we were going to settle, never mind, how we were going to sell our products. Were people going to like them? What would the response be? Would we just end up with a house full of Mexican plates and pots?

Something drew us to the Okanagan, perhaps the fact that it is almost like a ‘little Mexico’ here in Canada. We now proudly offer our products online through our website, Amazon, Etsy, and various other digital marketplaces.

Our business has evolved a great deal in this short time and we have grown both as a company and as individuals. We have been challenged in ways we never thought possible, and have also been able to achieve things we have always dreamed of. We have found a way to sustain ourselves by our own means while having all the time in the world for our little girl. Seems that our priorities are finally in order.

For 2022 we will continue to focus on our Talavera Collection. We have a lovely assortment of planters and dishware in stock this season, make sure to check them out!

Our Journey

Here is a travel recap of our time in Mexico during the winter of 2017. This was one heck of an adventure we went on to create Artemex!

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