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Our Artisans

From hearts to hands - introducing the creators behind our incredible product lines

The Alvarez Family

Clay Decor & Pottery

The Alvarez family are the partner artisans who produce our clay decor and pottery. They are a family run business and the workshop is right in the patio of their home in Tonala, Jalisco. They have been crafting beautiful clay pieces for generations using authentic and traditional techniques.

An incredible amount of time, effort and attention to detail is put into each piece. Each item goes through a lengthy process from initial raw material to beautiful finished product. Seeing these artisans work with a resource from the earth and use manual production techniques really encapsulates the beauty of Mexican handcrafts. Seeing this process reminds us of the simplicity of life and that some of the most beautiful and unique things are created by hands not machines.

The Rodriguez Family

Metal Art

Our partner artisans the Rodriguez family are the ones responsible for creating all the beautiful metal pieces we offer. To say that this craft has been in the family for generations would be an understatement. Nearly every member of the family is involved in some manner, including the youngest ones. With the eldest passing on their experience and skills and the youth incorporating current trends a beautifully unique offering of pieces is consistently produced. With multiple home-based workshops in operation the lines of separation between work and family are non-existent. The Rodriguez family lives and breathes their craft and they take great pride in maintaining it from generation to generation. We are incredibly fortunate to work with this very special group of people.

The Arzola Family

Tin Art – Hojalata

Our friends the Arzola family are the people who make all of our stunning Mexican metal art. They have more than 45 years of experience working with these materials and have become very well known and credible within the artisan community for their handiwork. They are incredibly talented, humble and hard-working people who have evolved their craft over time by coupling new materials and designs with the traditional methods. They pride themselves on producing very high quality and consistent tin art and to say we are proud to offer their collection would be an understatement.

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