Direct Container Sales

Find out more about our direct container sales and how you can have our products delivered to your door!

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Direct Container Sales

Large Scale Bulk Orders

If you are looking to source a container of Mexican handcrafts we can assist. We can customize large volume orders and have products shipped directly from our makers to your business.

The established relationships we have with our partner artisans allows us to streamline the purchasing process for you. Our experience with exportation, importation, and logistics simplifies the process and provides our clients access to authentic Mexican handcrafts on a large scale.

Whether you are looking to begin your own business offering these beautiful pieces, or add them to your current product mix, we can help you source quality pieces, from trusted makers, at competitive prices.

Our ability to source is not limited to Mexican products, if there is something you are looking for from another country we can also assist.

Less Than Container Loads

Small Scale Bulk Orders

Although container loads come with their advantages, we understand that not everyone has requirements for that type of volume. If you are looking to source products on a bit of a smaller scale, we can also make that happen.

Whether it be a partial container or even a couple of skids, we have the network in place to customize your order and have it delivered to your doorstep. Our customers have found that this is an excellent way to experiment with new markets or to begin a new venture altogether.

Our knowledge of the importing process brings immense value to our clients and significantly streamlines the sourcing process. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Value Added Service

Navigating Barriers

This is our business, we know it inside-out. We already have trusted relationships in place with high-quality artisans that have taken years to develop. We eliminate the uncertainty that many customers face when navigating an international market for new products. Our experience will substantially mitigate your risk throughout the buying process.

While we can source products from anywhere in the world, our niche market is undoubtedly Mexican handcrafts, and we speak the language. For many, not being able to communicate with producers in their native language can be a major disadvantage and add a layer of complexity that at times can be hindering to the entire process.

We encourage you to reach out to us today to discover more about how Artemex can help you expand your business.

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