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Blown Glass In The Making

By August 8, 2019March 14th, 2022No Comments

We are proud to share this footage of the partner artisans we source our blown glass collection from. We take you through the entire process right from raw materials to the finished product. We always strive to be completely transparent about the products we offer and where we source them from. We stand behind our quality and authenticity and want our followers to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for each piece.

Glassblowing is a technique that is used to shape heated molten glass into aesthetic and functional objects. Glassblowers use a long blowpipe to shape the glass while it is extremely hot. Glassblowing is a very technical art form that requires extensive training and practice. Hand-blown glass does not have the machine-made symmetry and precision of manufactured glass. A hand-blown glass piece may have slight imperfections or irregularities which reveal that a human hand produced the piece rather than a machine.

Each time we step foot into this workshop and observe the production it blows our minds! To see the crushed pieces of recycled glass that is literally shovelled from a wheelbarrow into the flames to start the process is phenomenal. It is truly a team effort that produces each and every piece of glassware, with each individual playing a vital role in the detail oriented and time sensitive process. The seemingly effortless techniques and movements of the artisans is almost like an artistic dance – a true honor to witness. It is sometimes difficult for us to fathom how such beautiful finished products are created using heat, some simple tools and age old techniques. No chemicals, no fancy machines, no waste or harmful by-products – this is a craft you can feel good about supporting.

All our authentic hand-blown glassware is entirely handcrafted in Tonala, Jalisco. Our pieces are of the highest quality, the glass is thick and sturdy and with the proper care will last you a lifetime.

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