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Metal Art in the Making

By May 23, 2019March 14th, 2022No Comments

“Our products are 100% handmade and everything you will find in our store is made by talented and hard working Mexican hands. “

Our partner artisans the Rodriguez family are the ones responsible for creating all the beautiful metal pieces we offer. To say that this craft has been in the family for generations would be an understatement. Nearly every member of the family is involved in some manner, including the youngest ones. With the eldest passing on their experience and skills and the youth incorporating current trends a beautifully unique offering of pieces is consistently produced. With multiple home-based workshops in operation the lines of separation between work and family are non-existent. The Rodriguez family lives and breathes their craft and they take great pride in maintaining it from generation to generation. We are incredibly fortunate to work with this very special group of people.

It was an amazing experience to stand inside this active workshop and be surrounded by talented artisans in their element. We are so humbled and grateful every time we are privileged to watch these pieces being created live. We connect so deeply to these environments and people and are incredibly proud to offer these products in our store. This just proves that bells and whistles are just that, it’s the people and the passion that make this art so beautiful, unique and identifiable. A very real feeling of warmth and love radiates from each and every piece and this is what makes us want to decorate our own environments with their finished products.

Here is just some of the unique metal art you will find in our shop that was created by the Rodriguez family. Browse our collection.

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