Huichol Beaded Skull – ‘Aquaman’

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This skull has a unique color scheme of teal, blue and white with star and peyote designs. Thousands of shakira beads are individually fastened to a paper mache base using wax and resin. It takes an incredible amount of time and skill to create a skull like this.

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The artisan does not work with a template or follow a pattern, they envision the design and use the color of the beads to bring it to life. If you are looking for a really unique or rare item to brighten up your home or perhaps give away as a gift this Huichol beaded skull is a great choice that’s sure to make an impact. All our beaded art is entirely handcrafted near the Nayarit-Jalisco border.


7” length x 4.5” width x 6” tall
Weight – 1 lbs

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 6 in